Settle in Seattle

Seattle is home to more than just Coffee shops (Starbucks), Planes (Boeing) or Software (Microsoft) or Books ( with much of the outdoor activities defined by its geography. Seattle is a city built around water with the surrounding area made up of lakes, rivers and canals, its harbour sits on Puget Sound and it also enjoys a wonderful view of the Olympic Mountains.

Seattle is home to grave site of Jimi Hendrix the legendary guitarist and the Experience Music Project a $350 million 13,000 square meter homage to the history of music. Seattle was also home to the roots of the grunge music scene with launching bands such as Nirvana, PUSA, Pearl Jam & Soundgarden.

Seattle is also has its own public aquarium located on Pier 59 just along the Washington Elliot Bay water front and is regarded as one of the largest aquariums in the USA. The Space Needle is the major landmark for the Northwest region and was originally built for the 1962 World’s Fair, and features an observation deck at 160 meters. The Space Needle observation deck offers guests amazing views over downtown Seattle, out towards the Cascade & Olympic Mountains, Mount Rainier and out towards the surrounding islands in Elliott Bay.

While it does rain a lot in Seattle its rarely unpleasantly cold in Winter or overly hot in Summer it does remain one of the top tourist destinations in the USA and rated as a top city to live and work. It is also possible to take a day trip via Express Ferry to Victoria, BC and experience one of the more beautiful cities in Canada.

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